Feeling stuck in liFE?

Let’s get to the root cause of the issue so you can truly transform your health, happiness and wellbeing and find new direction

Hi I’m Milena,

Health and life coach who helps women who are ready for a fresh start move past stuck to find empowerment and live with purpose.  

Whether you’re living with a chronic health issue or facing life challenges such as separation or redundancy,  it’s easy to feel lost, alone and overwhelmed. Often you’re dealing with chronic illness alongside life changing events and you feel as if nobody really understands how to help you.

You want to get your mojo back, to find your next step and get back in charge of your life. And if that means feeling confident, healthy and strong, then I’m ready to help you achieve this.  

1- Discover

Free discovery call to see if we’re a good fit to work together

2- Explore

Single session to explore your needs. Click and book online.

3- Transform

6 week transformation package to really move past stuck for good

You’re ready for coaching if…

As a coach I help my clients find the motivation and tools to achieve their physical,  emotional and lifestyle goals. We meet regularly and work therapeutically on challenges you’re facing, supporting you to make the choices that pave the way to the future you want.

  • You want to live life with purpose and direction
  • You want to take action on your skills and dreams
  • You are ready to refocus life’s goals
  • You want to look inside yourself for personal transformation
  • You are determined to move past challenges that stand in your way

Why Work With Milena?

Evidence Based Coaching

Evidence based

with a scientific background I bring evidence and research to my holistic programs


I tune in to your needs and bring my own unique insights to help improve your health



common sense, down to earth and easy to talk to, you’ll feel at home with me

LiveWell Today


Milena's experience in BioMedical Research provides a strong basis to apply evidence based solutions. She understands clients issues on a much deeper level and therefore produces higher impact outcomes for her clients. This is a great strength in my view

Brian Grindrod Business Growth Advisor

I had this annoying habit of biting my nails. Milena is fantastic and very professional when it comes to stopping unwanted habits by using the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). Milena helped me through EFT tapping to release emotions that caused me a lot of stress, which triggered my unwanted habit. My nails are finally growing again. Thank you Milena for your wonderful guidance in the sessions.

Liani -
    About Milena

    My Story

    As a coach, I combine neuroscience, energetic release and emotional freedom techniques to bring you a truly holistic approach to health and wellbeing.

    I believe that life is about growing, and experiences are opportunities to learn, but that doesn’t mean these lessons aren’t painful and challenging at times. It’s about taking small steps forward towards change, whilst recognising all the amazing things we have already achieved.

    To do this, I hold a non-judgemental space for your journey, so you can process and find the clarity you need to move forward. I create this safe space for you with integrity, compassion and kindness, so your growth can unfold at your own pace.