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Hey I’m glad you’re here,

I’m Milena, Health and Life Coach who helps women move past stuck to find empowerment and live with purpose. Whether you’ve had a life changing event, are living with a chronic health problem or at a crossroads in life, I’m here to guide you through the next steps.

As a Life Coach, I help you navigate big changes such as separation, bereavement, redundancy or wanting to build a new life. These experiences can leave you feeling lost, alone and overwhelmed, but with my support you can find new directions, purpose and hope.

As a Health Coach I know when you’re living with a chronic health issue, it’s easy to feel frustrated, like you’re hitting a deadend at every step. Often you’ve seen lots of specialists, but still nobody really understands how to help you. In Health Coaching we look at the WHOLE picture of your health, and put you at the front and centre of every session.

I weave a range of disciplines into our session to bring a holistic approach to everything we do.

Milena – Founder


My Credentials

I combine neuroscience, energetic release and emotional freedom techniques to bring you a truly holistic approach to health and wellbeing.

PhD Integrative Medicine (current studies) –  integrative medicine takes Quantum Science, Nutrition and Herbal Medicine and combines these disciplines to bring the best outcome for you.

EFT Practitioner – as an EFT practitioner I’m able to help you find freedom from past trauma, emotional distress or physical symptoms.

NLP Practitioner – helping you to shift old patterns and beleives  using brain science to reset and recalibrate your choices and achieve new goals.

Life Coaching – I’m trained in Life Coaching which gives me the skills to help you find the root cause of a problem, create new habits and keep you accountable to becoming the best version of yourself.

Pranic Healing – I’m a Level III Pranic Healer which helps me to shift energetic blockages that may be holding you back from creating the life you want.

BSc (Hons) Biomedical Science + Molecular Biology – I come from a scientific background, with a strong evidence based approach to health.


The Story of Live Well Today

I began my medical and scientific journey in a research capacity. After qualifying, I knew I loved medicine, healing and helping people, and imagined that pursuing a science based career would be for me. But I found the lab work was more about the goals of big business, than the needs of real people.

I knew there was a different journey for me and began to study alternative healing pathways. Live Well Today was born from the need to help individuals find a personalised, holistic model of health that combined science, energetic and nutritional medicine.


What I believe now and always

I believe that life is about growing, and experiences are opportunities to learn, but that doesn’t mean these lessons aren’t painful and challenging at times. It’s about taking small steps forward towards change, whilst recognising all the amazing things we have already achieved.

To do this, I hold a non-judgemental space for your journey, so you can process and find the clarity you need to move forward. I create this safe space for you with integrity, compassion and kindness, so your growth can unfold at your own pace.

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