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Life and NLP Coaching

You know how you get to a point in life where it feels like groundhog day. You feel stuck repeating the same old patterns, whether that’s overeating, over-drinking, constantly worrying or people pleasing and not taking care of yourself.

Well, as your coach, what I do is get to the root cause of the problem, understanding what’s keeping you stuck and helping you find direction in life, so you can make the changes you want.

In fact, think of me as the key to unlock your future self, the woman you want to be and you’ll be amazed at how empowered you feel, confidently taking control of your life.

Does this sound familiar?

You’re a busy woman who’s not been putting herself first. You know you’ve got some self destructive habits but feel stuck in a rabbit hole and don’t know how to change. 

Right now you’d love to find your spark again but…

  • You’re under pressure, feeling drained and tired
  • You feel like life is a runaway train
  • You’re anxious and stressed with no head space to think clearly

You know this isn’t a healthy (or happy) way to live and you want to change, but you’ve got no energy to find the solutions.


  • Having confidence
  • Finding direction and purpose
  • Believing in yourself

This is all possible for you, (even if you don’t believe it yourself). I’m here to guide you, to help you move past blocks and find your true self again with my 6 weeks transformation

My Programs

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Life Coaching Clarity Session

If you’re ready to feel less overwhelmed, find direction and purpose then a Life Coaching Clarity Session is ideal for you. I can help you.

6 Week Transformation

Ready to get clear on your vision, grow and challenge yourself to achieve the results you really want? You’ll eliminate old beliefs with consistent action, leaving you feeling empowered to create new habits, choices and behaviours.

What our client say:

For many years I felt lost and sad, and I did not really understand why I could not feel happy and content. Milena has been amazing in helping me with ERT Therapy to discover the deep-rooted issues of feeling abandoned, which I carried on from childhood experiences when my family went through a dramatic change and I lost my dad. Milena safely guided me to release the unwanted emotions of feeling abandoned and finding joy and happiness in my life. I am finally at peace and the joy and happiness that I found in my life is amazing. Thank you, Milena, for changing my life.